No more complicated spreadsheets that leave you feeling more restricted, this mini course will help you find the budgeting system that gives you more freedom.

The one where you find a budgeting system that works for you.

Are you currently struggling with this?

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Do you feel like the budgeting tools out there don’t support your lifestyle and only leave you feeling more restricted?

You know that you need to make a change, but all the advice out there is overwhelming and hard to understand, so you just end up putting it off again. 

Do you have a hard time balancing paying off debt, saving for your goals and enjoying yourself?

You’ve tried the spreadsheets and the budgeting apps but nothing seems to work for you, so you’re starting to wonder if it’s really possible to have it all.

Are you living paycheque to paycheque and have no idea where to squeeze out more money?

You are ready to make the most of your money so you can set yourself up for success when emergencies come up, and give yourself space to reach your goals.

After this course you will have…


You’ll learn how to spend your money more intentionally with values-based spending so you’re not left feeling guilty when you look at your credit card statement. The spending evaluation will remove that “where did all my money go” feeling once and for all.

Improved Spending Habits


You will walk away with a budgeting system that doesn’t make you want to cry every month and that is actually sustainable for your lifestyle. Choose from a variety of plug and play templates OR follow a no-budgeting plan that’s completely hands-off.

A Budgeting System That Works


Having a system that works for you and is actually sustainable will allow you to reach your other financial goals with more ease. Balance paying off debt, saving for your goals and enjoying yourself knowing you have a plan that sets you up for success.

A Plan To Reach Your Goals

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What’s Included

Simple and accessible video lessons on evaluating your spending, identifying problem areas, learning values-based spending, creating a budget and how to stick-to and troubleshoot that budget.

6 Video Modules

Get free access to my exclusive Notion money template. It has a variety of pages you can use including budgeting sections, goal setting + habit tracking.

Notion Template

Choose from a variety of plug + play templates (if that’s your thing) or follow my tips to create a “non-budget” budget instead.

Budget Templates

Discover your top 3 values and how those impact your money, and how you can make financial decisions that align with those values moving forward.

Values Worksheet 

Each lesson will have accompanying worksheets to keep you on track, and homework to make sure you see results.

Worksheets + Homework 


These will showcase your starting point by getting you to look at your fixed expenses, income, debt and savings and exactly where your money is going each month.

A Financial Audit +
Expense Tracking Sheet

Ready to finally have a budgeting system that feels good and supports your life?

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