This mini course will show you how to make saving money more attainable so you can have all the experiences you want in life.

The one where you hit all your 
savings goals.

The one where you hit all your savings goals.

Does this sound familiar?

Yes this is me

Do you struggle with dipping into your savings just as you’re starting to make progress?

It feels like you’re stuck on the rollercoaster of making progress with your savings one month, and then dipping back into them the next. You’re ready to stop the cycle and create consistency in your savings plan.

Do you have big savings goals but you’re unsure of the action steps needed to achieve them?

You know the big goals you want to accomplish but the strategy to get there is a little fuzzy. You want to be able to say “hell yes” to opportunities and experiences that come up knowing you have the savings for it.

Do you worry about unexpected expenses because you don’t know how you’d cover them?

You cross your fingers that your car doesn’t break down, or your cat doesn’t get sick because you don’t know how you’d cover the expenses. You’re ready to feel secure in your finances and prepared for the unexpected.

This course will give you…


You’ll walk away with the start of your safety fund, and know how much you should aim to save to cover yourself from unexpected expenses that pop-up (like a global pandemic).

A Safety Fund


You’ll have sinking funds set up to cover planned expenses and the action steps to execute those big goals like buying a home. Saving money has never been easier.

Savings Strategy 


This course will help you sit down and actually plan out your financial future. You’ll learn how to prioritize goals and reach them quicker. Stop saying “someday” and start taking action today.

Long-Term Goals

I’m in!

What’s Included

Simple and accessible video lessons on emergency funds, types of savings accounts, saving vs investing, and setting financial goals.

5 Video Modules

Stay motivated and on track with your savings goals with fun, printable sheets.

Savings Tracker 

Each lesson will have accompanying worksheets to keep you on track, and/or homework to make sure you see results.

Worksheets + Homework 


These will showcase your starting point by getting you to look at your fixed expenses, income, debt and savings and exactly where your money is going each month.

A Financial Audit +
Expense Tracking Sheet

Ready to grow your savings and reach your financial goals with more ease?

I’m in!

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