This mini course will show you how to heal your relationship with money and rewrite your story so you can build sustainable wealth.

The one where you master your 
money mindset.

The one where you master your money mindset.

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Do you feel like you’re 
on a rollercoaster with money?

You feel like you constantly go between feeling guilty and ready for a change, to suddenly “falling off track” and losing your progress.

Do you feel like you’re doing the right things but still not seeing success?

You’re proud of the progress you’ve made with your money, but you still seem to be stuck and unable to achieve the success you want.

When you think about money, do you feel stressed, upset, or guilty?

You’re ready to change your finances but everytime you think about money you break out in a sweat and end up avoiding it.

You’ll leave this course with…


Work through the deep programming and self sabotaging behaviour and rewrite the story you have around money.

A New Money Story


Leave the course equipped with the tools to continue to improve your mindset around money and cope with curveballs.

Mindset Tools


Walk away with an abundance mindset and ask for that raise, or negotiate your salary with confidence because you believe you deserve it.

Abundance Mindset 

I want that!

What’s Included

Simple and accessible video lessons on debt basics, emergency funds, credit cards, credit scores, mindset around debt and creating a debt repayment plan

6 Video Modules

Shift your mindset using a variety of tools like meditation, breathwork, tapping and more!

Mindset Resources

Get ready to dig deep with journaling prompts and exercise that will make you view your money and lived experience in a new way.

Journaling Prompts 

Each lesson will have accompanying worksheets to keep you on track, and homework to make sure you see results.

Worksheets + Homework 


These will showcase your starting point by getting you to look at your fixed expenses, income, debt and savings and exactly where your money is going each month.

A Financial Audit +
Expense Tracking Sheet

Ready to rewrite your 
money story and create sustainable wealth?

Ready to rewrite your money story and create sustainable wealth?

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