Mini Courses

Mini Courses

Manage Your Money

Manage Your Money is perfect for you if you’re just beginning your financial journey or you’re looking to manage your money more effectively. This mini course will help you get clear on your starting point, organize your accounts, negotiate your bills and ultimately set up a solid financial foundation.

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Grow Your Savings

Grow Your Savings will teach you everything you need to know to crush your savings goals with ease. This mini course will break down where to store your money, how to prepare for unexpected expenses and how to set and reach all your savings goals.

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Tackle Your Debt

Tackle your Debt is for you if you’re looking to pay off your debt and boost your credit score, without sacrificing your life. This mini course will give you a solid debt repayment plan, a clear understanding of how credit cards actually work, and the steps needed to boost your credit so you can be pre-approved for anything.

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Build Your Budget

Build your Budget will help you create a plan for your money that fits your lifestyle and allows you to reach your goals, without the restriction. This mini course will walk you through how to identify problem areas, spend more intentionally, create a budget that works for you, and actually stick to that budget long-term.

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Master Your Mindset

Master Your Mindset will show you the powerful influence that your mindset has on your money, and how you can begin to shift this mindset to improve your finances. This mini course will uncover the beliefs and patterns holding you back, and give you the tools to move forward.

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Change Your Habits

Change Your Habits will equip you with the tools to make your money progress sustainable and consistent even during hard times. This mini course will show you how to stop impulse spending and instead build new habits that make money management part of your lifestyle.

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The Starter Kit

This bundle combines “Manage Your Money” and “Build Your Budget” to bring you the ultimate money management course. The Starter Kit is the perfect course for you if you’re unsure where to start with your finances as it will teach all the basics of money management + budgeting.

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Prefer A Bundle?

Prefer A Bundle?

The Goal Setter

This bundle combines “Tackle Your Debt” and “Build Your Savings” and delivers the action steps for paying off debt and growing your savings. The Goal Setter is the perfect course for you if you’re ready to set big financial goals and achieve them faster than you could have imagined.

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The Mindset Reset 

This bundle combines “Master Your Mindset” and “Change Your Habits” to bring you the ultimate money mindset course. The Mindset Reset is the perfect course for you if you’re ready to curb your impulse spending, rewrite your money story and build sustainable wealth for yourself. 

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The “All-in”

The “All-In” bundle is actually my signature self-led money program, Thriving on a Budget that helps you pay off debt, build up your savings and create sustainable wealth without sacrificing your life. I’ve added in more modules to create the ultimate holistic financial literacy and money mindset program PLUS you’ll get access to me to ask all your burning questions about money + a community cheering you on!

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