This mini course has all the tools you need to finally have a sustainable plan to pay off your debt, without the restriction.

The one where you pay off all your debt.

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Do you feel like your debt is holding you back?

You want to start that business, buy that home, pay in full for your wedding, own 10 dogs, or finally take that trip to Europe but instead you’re stuck with monthly debt payments.

Do you feel guilty when you spend money on yourself?

Everytime you go out for a nice dinner or even just buy yourself a Starbucks, you’re constantly thinking “this should be going towards my debt”.

Do you feel like your debt is getting harder to manage?

You always make your minimum payments, but you need a debt repayment strategy that will allow 
you to get ahead.

You’ll walk away with…


You’ll walk away with a strategy to pay off your debt that feels good for you and supports your lifestyle. 

A Debt Repayment Plan


Society may have told you that debt is bad- but this course will dispel that myth and help you work through the guilt you feel so you can move on. 

Less Guilt + Shame 
Around Debt


Learn what impacts your credit score so you can build it up to the point where you’re pre-approved for everything. 

Steps To Increase Your
Credit Score

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What’s Included

Simple and accessible video lessons on debt basics, emergency funds, credit cards, credit scores, mindset around debt and creating a debt repayment plan

6 Video Modules

Stay motivated and on track with your debt repayment with fun, printable debt tracking sheets.

Debt Tracker

Use the templates provided to create your own customized plan to pay off all your debt in a way that feels right for you.

Debt Repayment Plan

Work through some of the negative emotions you may feel around debt, and explore where those feelings stem from with prepared journal prompts.

Journaling Prompts 

Each lesson will have accompanying worksheets to keep you on track, and homework to make sure you see results.

Worksheets + Homework 


These will showcase your starting point by getting you to look at your fixed expenses, income, debt and savings and exactly where your money is going each month.

A Financial Audit +
Expense Tracking Sheet

Ready to raise your credit score and have a supportive debt repayment plan?

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