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Here you will find all of my available courses and programs. Take a look to see which option is the best fit for you!

My goal? 

To help you embrace your identity so you can fight for your seat at the table and become the most powerful, unapologetic version of yourself in your life & business.






Ballin’ on a Budget

12 week self-led course

Ballin’ on a Budget holds up a middle finger to the idea that you have to sacrifice your life to be wealthy. Feeling 100% in control of your money every month (even in a pandemic)? It’s yours. Traveling AND paying off debt? Oo, she’s shiny. Ballin’ on a Budget will help you gain financial literacy, heal your relationship with money and create the foundation for financial freedom without giving up your Starbucks. 

Life Alignment University

6 month coaching program

A hands on, high support 6 month 1:1 coaching program that will help you get clarity on your goals, stop sabotaging your success and feel in control of your career, mindset, and money. This is an immersive program that will allow you to understand yourself on a deeper level, figure out exactly what you want and take control of your life. I will help you tap into your purpose, and create lasting healthy habits so you can become the most powerful, unapologetic version of yourself. 

Growin’ and Glowin’

6 month mastermind

The ultimate holistic mastermind for entrepreneurs to help you grow your bank account + business by rewriting your money story, understanding how your identity impacts your ability to show up and sell and tools to navigate a system working against you. Growin’ and Glowin’ will help you embrace who you in an intersectional and expansive way so your business and life can THRIVE! 


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“Life Alignment University helped me to feel more confident and optimistic. Ellyce helped me to understand what has been holding me back from pursuing a more fulfilling career and challenged me to overcome my fear of failure. Ellyce encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and supported me through this program with patience and compassion. I would recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck or unmotivated in their current job and is ready to make a change.

- Alexa

“I felt supported through the program having structure, guidance and other women to talk to. I feel a lot more confident in my day to day choices and routines, I feel I am able to focus better, let go of things I can’t control instead of being consumed by them, and in general have a more positive mindset. If you’ve been considering signing up for one of Ellyce’s programs, I say do it! Ellyce is super organized and knowledgeable, she has great modules and resources to share and she goes above and beyond to connect with you, support you, make you own your shit, dive deep and get clear on your goals!”

- Alicia

“I joined this program to have a better grip on my finances and understand why I couldn't hold on to some fundamentals I've learned from other financial gurus (looking at you Ramsey). I have a better understanding on my original money mindset and how I've worked to change that to a better positive one as well as figuring out my monthly budget and following through with it without any anxious feeling or shame.”

- Gee

“I’ve actually stuck to a program and I think it was because I also had the help from someone who could guide me through it every week. Thank you for everything! Can’t believe it’s already over. I’m so glad I found you on tiktok when I did. I’m now working my way to my goals and I’m really excited to get there.”

- Antoinette

“Ellyce gave me the motivation I needed to start looking for a new job and surprisingly enough, I got one! She helped me figure out what I wanted in life, set goals, and take control! My mindset completely changed! And now I feel confident in my job and am continuing to work on the goals I have created for myself! I know that all of those who decide to work with Ellyce will leave feeling balanced, more aware, and all around happier.” 

- Charity