get ready to pay off debt, build up a thick savings account, heal your relationship with money + finally gain the impact and income you desire.

on a Budget

You have barriers in your life due to your mental health, gender, race, physical ability, or sexuality and no financial resources out there address it

You feel guilty anytime you spend money on yourself because you feel like it should go to savings or debt

You've tried saving before but end up dipping back into it at the end of the month

Nothing works, budgeting, apps, podcasts, and you end up more frustrated than when you were just ignoring it

You get overwhelmed looking at your bank account, so you just...don’t

You feel out of control but don’t want anyone to see how bad it is

DO YOU FEEL LIKE Nobody really ever taught you what to do with MONEY, and you feel like you should be able to afford more things but somehow you’re still just scraping by?

but that can’t be the answer, can it?

stop getting Starbucks...

You’ve tried budgeting, you’ve tried following Dave Ramsey’s steps but that just left you feeling more frustrated and guilty. Having a plan for your money feels restrictive, and money “experts” keep telling you to

Be able to afford health expenses to keep you operating at your best like medication, therapy and fitness memberships

Try new restaurants, do paint nights with your friends, and go on dates with your partner

Feel accomplished and proud of your money

Create an abundance mindset around money so you can ask for the raise with ease + negotiate your salary like a boss

Be secure in the case of an emergency (hello, pandemic!)

Travel often, and without having to go into debt

you know you can...

You know that living wealthy and abundant is your birthright. You’re ready to live without restriction, to finally say, “yes, I can afford that” to the things and people you love.

you're here because...

You can have the daily Starbs, your savings can grow while you’re enjoying cocktails on a beach somewhere, and you can finally LIVE your life without stressing about money everyday.

I’ve discovered that money doesn’t have to be stressful and restrictive and I have brought my fun and refreshing energy to budgeting, organizing money and overcoming mental money blocks. 

My coaching takes an intersectional approach to finances by recognizing how privilege, race, gender, sexuality, mental health and disability can affect your ability to build wealth. 

I’ve paid off over $15,000 in debt, built up a full emergency fund, saved over $70,000, started investing for retirement and feel confident and abundant  when thinking about my money.

now, two years later...

When I started my money journey I was drowning in debt, had $60 to my name, and avoided my bank account as much as I could. When I got student loan emails, I deleted them unopened. When I got paid, I spent that money immediately and found myself counting the days until next payday. 

I was sprinting, eyes closed, away from the reality that I was living paycheque to paycheque with no end in sight.

I founded Thriving on a Budget because I know how it feels to be embarrassed to ask for help with your money.

Hi, I'm Ellyce!

Umm no thanks, right?

Let’s be real here for a minute. Diving into learning to manage your money can leave you feeling more frustrated than enlightened. Basically become a hermit for 5 years until your debt is paid off? How dare you live your life when you don’t have a detailed, itemized budget for every penny you make? Traveling is a hard NO until you’re old and “rich”.  

You have big goals of traveling the world, or buying a house, or paying cash for your wedding and you’re ready to actually see your savings grow 

You're sick of feeling out of control with your money and not having a clear plan for your future

You feel like you should be "further along" with your savings/debt repayment and feel guilty & embarrassed about it

You’re tired of getting financial advice from old white men in suits and ready to learn from someone who understands millennial struggles 

You want to set yourself up financially but don’t want to sacrifice having fun in the meantime 

You work hard and make decent money but never seem to have anything to show for it 

this program is for you if...

Growing your emergency fund while learning to step into your power as a gay, gal or non-binary pal? That’s my shit right there!

Traveling AND paying off debt? Oo, she’s shiny.

Feeling 100% in control of your money every month (even in a pandemic)? It’s yours.

Thriving on a Budget holds up a middle finger to the idea that you have to sacrifice your life to be wealthy.

Community of like-minded classmates to support you and cheer you on

Access to the Thriving on a Budget Facebook Student Community where you can ask any of questions + interact with other members

Incredible resources and assignments to help you implement everything you learn

Access to the library of bonus modules from other coaches/ professionals diving deep on specific topics like mental health and money, body image and money, budget friendly grocery shopping and more to come!!

Lifetime access to 12 weeks of educational money modules + any updates 

Here's what you'll get when you join:

Imagine feeling GOOD about your money. Imagine buying things without feeling guilty while building your wealth at the same time. Imagine the ease of knowing you’re set up for the future and doing it in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

When you have control of your money, you see way more changes than just the number in your bank account.

this is possible for you

Thriving on a Budget will allow you to show up powerfully in meetings, negotiate your salary with ease, support your partner while you both follow your dreams, feel safe taking chances on your career and creating the life you’ve always wanted for yourself without restriction.

“I joined this program to have a better grip on my finances and understand why I couldn't hold on to some fundamentals I've learned from other financial gurus (looking at you Ramsey). Now that the program is over, I have a better understanding on my original money mindset and how I've worked to change that to a better positive one as well as figuring out my monthly budget and following through with it without any anxious feeling or shame. Your honesty and love throughout the program has definitely helped in the way I've changed my mindset around money and myself.”
- Gee 

“I’ve actually stuck to a program and I think it was because I also had the help from someone who could guide me through it every week. Thank you for everything! Can’t believe it’s already over. I’m so glad I found you on tiktok when I did. I feel like I definitely found you at a time where I was feeling the lowest with my money. I’m now working my way to my goals and I’m really excited to get there.”

“Thank you for helping me turn my life around and for giving me the tools to stay on track. Seriously life changing....and I can't wait to let you know when I have a fully funded emergency fund and have paid off all my debt!!!!”
- Michelle 

“I wanted a beginners look into budgeting, goal setting, mindset, saving. I feel like a learned a lot on a basic level that I am on my way to having a grasp of how to move forward with my money. I used to feel unsure about setting larger goals because they felt out of reach but I feel more confident in setting those goals now. I love having another young empowered woman teaching me about money. The last place I wanted to turn to was an older man who didn't understand me, my lifestyle or my plans. I felt so unintimidated and it was such a lovely learning environment because of that. Money can bring up a lot of feelings of shame for me so I was so happy to have a mental health element in the program. I think that is so important.”
- Sarah

“It’s exceeded my expectations I feel like I’ve learned so much and can continue to learn from the modules and work on my financial goals. This was such a great program and I am so happy I joined”
- Morgan 

Don't take just my word for it...

Figure out exactly where you currently are in your financial journey, so we can figure out where you need to go. 

Pre-course: Financial Starting Point 

What's inside ballin' on a budget?

Learn how to find success in this program, and start tracking your spending from day 1. Kickstart your financial future by participating in the ballin’ savings challenge!!

Module 1: Finding Success

Stop the confusion and mental math and finally feel confident with your money organization. You’ll leave this module knowing exactly where all of your money is going, and how to simplify the process. You’ll also learn how to negotiate your bills so you can lower your cost of living.

Module 2: Getting Organized 

Understand the strategy to pay off debt, and quickly. Start raising your credit score so you’ll be pre-approved for that dream car or house. Finally, learn how to navigate your credit card like a pro and escape the cycle of debt.

Module 3: Paying off debt + building credit 

Module 4 breaks down how to save for both short term and long-term goals. Get clear on which accounts to have, how to save up more money, and how to balance your goals.

Module 4: Building long term wealth 

In this module we dive into your spending and whether or not it reflects your values + goals. You’ll learn how to create a budget that actually works for you, not against you. 

Module 5: Evaluating spending + building a budget that works for YOU

Get clarity on the money blocks that have been holding you back from achieving the wealth you desire. 

Module 6: Uncovering your mindset blocks 

Work through deep programming and self sabotaging behaviour and rewrite the story you hold around money. Helloooo abundance mindset!

Module 7: Stop self sabotage + rewrite your story 

Release the guilt + shame you’ve been holding around debt or past financial decisions and finally give yourself permission to change the narrative. This week is all about letting go- and opening up the conversation around money.

Module 8: Letting go of guilt + shame for good

Stop letting your mental health sabotage your financial success by understanding how they influence each other. Foolproof your finances, and learn healthy coping mechanisms that don’t involve maxing out your credit card.

Module 9: Managing mental health + money

Learn the money habits to adopt that will keep your finances sustainable. Understand the process behind building new habits (and breaking those unhealthy ones!)

Module 10: Creating long-term sustainability

Stop playing small and start attracting massive wealth into your life. This week is all about setting big, scary, financial goals and laying out the step-by-step process to get there.

Module 11: Setting financial goals + creating your action plan

Learn what to do when everything doesn’t go as planned, and how to troubleshoot if needed.

Module 12: Setting yourself up for success 

3 month payment plan

pay in full

investment options

Ready to change your bank account and life?

You are capable of achieving the financial freedom you desire, but it starts with making a decision TODAY to finally take control. Thriving on a Budget will help you gain financial literacy, heal your relationship with money and create the foundation for financial freedom without giving up your Starbucks.

In case nobody has told you, your past financial decisions do not dictate your future financial success.